Cooper cooling off

19 Jun

Cooper, Toller, 3 years old

Cheeky Collie puppy

18 Jun

Evelyn, Border Collie, 2 months old, built herself a nest and found a stick to munch on

On a mountain hike

17 Jun

Dingo, 7 years old, and Tring, 2 years old, Tollers, on a hike in Italian Dolomites

Pretty girl

16 Jun

Islay, Scottish Terrier, 11 months old

Masterclass in dock diving

15 Jun

Tring, 2 years old, watching his father Dingo, 7 years old, diving into the lake

When your mum is your best friend

14 Jun

Mum Rose and her pups, Attomic Boxers

Got it!

13 Jun

Cooper, Toller, 3 years old

Scottie doing agility

12 Jun

Scottish Terrier representing Switzerland at the World Agility Open 2018

Tough job being a model

11 Jun

Tring, Toller, 2 years old, on the photoshoot for Long Paws

When you are in love with tennis balls

10 Jun

Daks, Miniature Smooth-haired Dachshund, 10 years old