Jumping over the wall

19 Jan

Spaniel doing agility at Olympia 2017

Super happy dog

18 Jan

Dingo, Toller, 6 years old

One has escaped

17 Jan

Border Collie puppies, 7 weeks old

The retriever

16 Jan

Tring, Toller, 19 months old. First Toller in the UK to pass Show Gundog Working Certificate test

I love this toy

15 Jan

Vegas, Papillon x Collie, 4 years old

Little miracle

14 Jan

Katimba Toller puppy, 1 week old

Black Lab at work

13 Jan

Lily, Labrador Retriever

Happy dog one Winter morning

12 Jan

Tring, Toller, 19 months old

Serious competitor

11 Jan

Collie competing in agility at Olympia 2017

One day I’ll become a gundog

10 Jan

Meeko, Toller puppy, 8 weeks old