Tollers in a stream

24 Jun

Cooper and Tring, Tollers

Dancing in the rain

23 Jun

Baloo, Papillon, 11 years old

Dingo on holidays

22 Jun

Dingo, Toller, 6 years old

Big smile at agility competition

21 Jun

Agility competition at Discover Dogs 2016

Swimming in pairs

20 Jun

Dingo, 6 years old, Tring, 1 year old, father and son, Tollers

What would you do to get a ball

19 Jun

Skyler, Boston Terrier, and Silvester, Spaniel, watching

Cooper with sprinkles

18 Jun

Cooper, Toller, 2 years old

Fluffy and speedy

17 Jun

Vegas, representing Canada at World Agility Open 2017

Catch the balloon game

16 Jun

Tring, Toller, 1 year old

I want this toy

15 Jun

Cwtch, Old English Sheepdog, 3 months old