Doing the job

22 Apr

Tring, Toller, 2 years old

Cuteness overload

21 Apr

Leo, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle, 4 months old

Doing what he loves most

20 Apr

Cooper, Toller, 4 years old, with his daddy, Dingo, and brother from another mother, Tring

Water everywhere

19 Apr

Bailey, Boxer, 4 years old

Will pose for food

18 Apr

Dingo, Toller, 7 years old

The art of dancing with dogs

17 Apr

Belgian Shepherd Laekenois in the heelwork to music competition at Crufts 2019

Beauty in the natural habitat

16 Apr

Tring, Toller, 2 years old

Concentrating on the contact

15 Apr

Agility competition at Crufts 2019

Peeking through feathers

14 Apr

Dingo, Toller, 7 years old, retrieving a pheasant

Everybody look this way

13 Apr

Chester, Ash and Bourbon, Cocker Spaniels