Charming smile

24 Mar

Dingo, Toller, 5 years old

Get that toy

23 Mar

Jack Russell Terrier after agility run at Crufts 2017

Duck Toller with a duck

22 Mar

NiƱo, Toller

Black on black

21 Mar

Collie at agility champ finals at Crufts 2017

On his way to the win

20 Mar

Tring, Toller, 10 months old, on his way to win the BPIS at the NSDTR Club Champ Show


19 Mar

Chilli, Toy Poodle

Toller poster at Crufts

18 Mar

Dingo and Tring posing with a massive poster with Dingo’s face on at Crufts 2017

Speedy weaving

17 Mar

Teasel, Spaniel, at Crufts 2017

Full stretch

16 Mar

Dingo and Cooper, Tollers

All in sync

15 Mar

Another stunning performance by Mary Ray and Lyric and Frankie at Crufts 2017