Smiling Spaniel

19 May

Red Spaniel representing Australia at WAO 2016

Portrait of agility Scottie

18 May

Gorgeous Scottish Terrier representing Switzerland at WAO 2016

Great partnership

17 May

Malinois, Belgian Shepherd representing Belgium

Handsome Jack under the blooming tree

16 May

Jack, Collie, 8 years old

Boston Terrier at WAO 2016

15 May

Boston Terrier representing Germany at World Agility Open Championships 2016

Agility Pap from Sweden

14 May

J├Ârgen, Papillon, 4 years old

Perfection on the contact

13 May

Savvy, Sheltie representing team England

In the sea of bluebells

12 May

Dingo, Toller, 5 years old

Curious puppy

11 May


Norwich Terrier at London Pet Show 2016

Flying Pointer

10 May

Luna, German Short-haired Pointer, 12 months old