Dingo in the sun

6 Dec

Dingo, Toller, 5 years old

We all have that one friend…

5 Dec

Hattie, Labrador, and Mabel, Cocker Spaniel

Tring’s first show

4 Dec

Tring, Toller, 6 months old, at his first Open show. Worked like a pro when he figured out what I wanted from him)

Little movie star

3 Dec

Labrador Retriever puppy, 13 weeks old, during the filming for HOWND #WhenHarryMetHero

Fun in the woods

2 Dec

Tring, 6 months old, and Dingo, 5 years old, Tollers

Countdown to Christmas

1 Dec

Daisy, Labrador Retriever, 6 months old

Tring on a frosty walk

30 Nov

Tring, Toller puppy, 6 months old

Hello photographer, what ya got there?

29 Nov

Curious Springer Spaniel puppy, 6 weeks old

Father and son on a foggy walk

28 Nov

Tring, 5 months old, and Dingo, 5 years old, Tollers

Funky moves

27 Nov

Jack Russel Terrier at the agility competition at Discover Dogs 2016