The best testimonial ever)

5 Nov

“We were lucky enough to find one of the world’s greatest dog lovers to care for the dogs while we were off on our adventures around Europe. Our dog sitter Yulia (who has her own daily photo blog Four Little Paws) is a jack of all doggie trades: dog walker, dog sitter, dog photographer, champion handler (both conformation and agility) and TV and print celebrity. Above all else, she is a dog lover.

Yulia would pick Hampton up before we left for the airport, and before we were even on the plane Hampton would be doing something we could have never guessed.  There were trips to the beach, river, camping, doggie summer camp, dog shows, and of course walks in the park. Hampton always had a great time and was so tired when she got home that she needed at least three days to recover.

Yulia took so many fantastic pictures of Hampton while they were together. While she is quite a striking dog in her own right, Yulia was always able to bring out the best in her. So much so, in fact, that she has received quite a bit of media attentionthe last couple of months, something we would have never imagined when starting a little blog to keep our family in touch with us.” From here

We do miss Hampton big times, hope she has fun back in the US with her new friend Windsor… These words from the owners made me cry…