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Perfect shape

18 Jun

Belgian Shepherd Malinois competing in dock diving

The art of dancing with dogs

17 Apr

Belgian Shepherd Laekenois in the heelwork to music competition at Crufts 2019

Mali in the weaves

10 Oct

Belgian Shepherd Malinois at the KC International Agility Festival 2018

Hello photographer

23 Jul

Belgian Shepherds at Nuneaton Rally Competition 2017

Perfect shape

31 Aug

Belgian Shepherd, Malinois, representing Spain at the International Agility Festival 2016

Great partnership

17 May

Malinois, Belgian Shepherd representing Belgium

Camping chair as a head rest

10 Aug

Val, Belgian Shepherd, in the doggie camp

Gorgeous Malinois on the walk

27 May

Mom and a Son, Belgian Shepherds

Long jumper

22 Dec

Long jumper by Yulia Titovets

Belgian Shepherd going over a long jump at agility competition at Olympia 2014

Talking on the run

15 Aug

Talking on the run by Yulia Titovets

Loki and Flo, Belgian Shepherds