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One has escaped

17 Jan

Border Collie puppies, 7 weeks old

Serious competitor

11 Jan

Collie competing in agility at Olympia 2017

Blue merle Collie with blue eyes on blue carpet

9 Jan

Gift, Border Collie

Flying parallel to the ground

3 Jan

Gift, Border Collie, at Olympia 2017

Boxing day blues

26 Dec

Kyan, Border Collie puppy, 4 months old


16 Dec

Protest, Border Collie at Olympia 2017

Pre-Christmas chaos

6 Dec

Gibbs and Kyan, Border Collie puppies

Smile please

2 Dec

Gibbs, Border Collie, 5 months old

Concentration is the key

28 Nov

Collie at the International Agility Festival 2017

Smiley Kyan

14 Nov

Kyan, Border Collie puppy, 4 months old