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Looking for further instructions

8 Jun

Collie representing England at WAO 2018

Aerodynamics of a Collie

27 May

Collie representing Netherlands at WAO 2018

Smile for the camera

23 May

Collie at the World Agility Open Championship 2018

Flying flyball dog

13 Apr

Flyball competition at Crufts 2018

Scent exercise

28 Mar

Border Collie doing scent exercise at Crufts 2018

Dancing cowboy and his dog

18 Mar

Border Collie at the International Heelwork to Music competition at Crufts 2018


10 Mar

Collie competing in agility at Crufts 2018

Full on puppy

10 Feb

Border Collie puppy, 7 weeks old

Excited before the start

6 Feb

Collie at agility at Olympia 2017

Curious little pup

29 Jan

Border Collie puppy, 7 weeks old