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So small she fits in a hat

14 Jul

Nikita, Long-coated Chihuahua

Small in size, big in character

4 Jul

Nikita, Long-coated Chihuahua

My concentrated face

17 Apr

My concentrated face by Yulia Titovets

Hafti, Long-haired Chihuahua

This post New Years Eve feeling

1 Jan

This post New Years Eve feeling by Yulia Titovets

Dexter, Chihuahua, 18 months old

Little Chloe

27 Dec

Little Chloe by Yulia Titovets

Chloe, Chihuahua

Lucky the flying Chihuahua

5 Jun

Lucky the flying Chihuahua by Sergey Eremin

Lucky, Long-haired Chihuahua, doing agility

Ted the agility Chi

3 May

Ted the agility Chi by Sergey Eremin

Ted, Chihuahua, doing agility

Cute little Dexter

23 Apr

Cute little Dexter by Yulia Titovets

Dexter, Chihuahua, 6 months old

Dancing Boo

9 Apr

Dancing Boo by Yulia Titovets

Boo, the little Chihuahua, 6 months old

Glamorous agility

28 Feb

Glamorous agility by Sergey Eremin

Lucky the Chihuahua doing agility