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Girlie with pretty eye lashes

20 Jul

Peppa, Cocker Spaniel x Poodle, 9 months old, at the commercial photoshoot for the new Hero bowl, More details here

Fluffy hair day

21 Feb

Oscar, Cockapoo, 10 months old

Fun in Autumnal sun

23 Nov

Oscar, Cockapoo, 10 months old

Sweet Hobbes

17 Nov

Hobbes, Cockapoo, 10 months old

Leaves falling

7 Nov

Oscar, Cockapoo, 10 months old

Little ginger reindeer

28 Dec

Nell, Cockapoo puppy, 4 months old

Ready for Christmas puppy cuteness overload?

2 Dec

Cockapoos, 5 months old and 2 years old

Puppy who can fly

6 Sep

Puppy who can fly by Yulia Titovets

Mirabelle, Toller, 4 months old, and Flash, Cockapoo

Maximus in action

2 Apr

Maximus in action by Yulia Titovets

Maximus, Cockapoo, having a good run in the hills

Cockapoo at the flyball

9 Nov

Cockapoo at the flyball by Yulia Titovets

Cockapoo at the flyball competition at Discover Dogs 2013