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Turn on the spot

5 Aug

Fire, representing Australia at WAO 2018

A puppy or a teddy bear?

3 Aug

Gus the cutest little fluff ball, 4 months old

Listen to me, little one

26 Jul

Gus, 4 months old, and Lola, 12 months old

Flying over A-frame

26 Jun

Cisco representing USA at WAO 2018

Run, human, run

20 Jun

Pep-talk between the dog and his human at the agility run at WAO 2018

Testing the new bowl

2 Jun

Peppa, Cocker Spaniel x Poodle, 9 months old, at the commercial photoshoot for the new Hero bowl, More details here

Ready steady go

19 May

Poppy, Poodle x Bishon Frise

Lola in the bluebells

1 May

Lola, Cavaliere x Poodle, 10 months old

Smiling flyball dog

3 Apr

Flyball competition at Crufts 2018

Flying agility dog

22 Mar

ABC agility competition at Crufts 2018