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Right, I said turn right!

5 Apr

Vizsla competing in agility at Crufts 2018

Caught in the moment

11 Sep

Hungarian Vizsla, jumping, turning and barking at the same time, at the International Agility Festival 2017

Flying Vizsla

4 Apr

Hungarian Vizsla at the agility competition at Crufts 2017

Colours of Autumn

28 Oct

Hungarian Vizsla, 2 years old

Crazy Vizsla face

24 Sep

Ruby, Vizsla, 2 years old

Super big ears

8 Jun

Hungarian Vizsla puppy, 4 months old

Discovering new breeds

11 Nov

Discovering new breeds by Yulia Titovets

One of my favourite doggy from Discover Dogs 2012, Wirehaired Vizsla