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Terrier on a sunny walk

4 Dec

Jack, the Terrier

Flying Terrier

22 Sep

Jack Russell Terrier at the KC International Agility Festival

Athena and her puller

27 Aug

Athena, representing Russia at WAO 2018

Rosie on a hill

11 Aug

Rosie, Jack Russell Terrier

Athena waiting for the command

10 Jul

Athena, representing Russia at WAO 2018

Happy Terrier face

12 Mar

Jack Russell Terrier on the green carpet at Crufts 2018

Ollie taking off

20 Nov

Famous Ollie at Discover Dogs 2017

When you’re happy and you know it

10 Nov

Terrier doing agility at Discover Dogs 2017

Eyes on the prize

20 Apr

Jack Russell Terrier doing agility at Crufts 2017

Get that toy

23 Mar

Jack Russell Terrier after agility run at Crufts 2017