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Flying black dog

29 Sep

Labrador at Dash’n’Splash

Big splash by black dog

2 Apr

Labrador doing Dash’n’Splash at Paws in the Park

In the working mode

16 Jan

Labrador Retriever working on  a shoot

Helping with decorations

29 Dec

Daisy, Labrador Retriever, 5 months old

Different faces of Labradors

11 Dec

Tia and her friend, Labradors

We all have that one friend…

5 Dec

Hattie, Labrador, and Mabel, Cocker Spaniel

Little movie star

3 Dec

Labrador Retriever puppy, 13 weeks old, during the filming for HOWND #WhenHarryMetHero

Countdown to Christmas

1 Dec

Daisy, Labrador Retriever, 6 months old

Retrievers ready to work

12 Nov

Three Labradors and two Tollers on a shoot day

Lab on a mission

1 Nov

Working Labrador Retriever on a shoot