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And what did you eat for dinner?

17 Sep

Katie and her pup, Stellenbosch Tollers

Throwback to Summer holidays in snow

15 Sep

Dingo, 8 years old, and Tring, 3 years old, Toller, having fun in the snow in Italy

Love is in the air

13 Sep

Tivalake Toller puppy, 6 weeks old

Showing off his new lead

11 Sep

Cooper, Toller, 5 years old, lead by ActiveK9

Frosty mornings are coming

9 Sep

Tring, Toller, 18 months old

The leap

7 Sep

Tivalake Toller puppy, 6 weeks old

Ready for a walk

5 Sep

Tring, Toller, 3 years old, with his new lead from ActiveK9

Happy Go Lucky

3 Sep

Tollelkin Toller puppy, 8 weeks old

Autumn is near

1 Sep

Dingo, Toller, 7 years old

Cuteness in a basket

30 Aug

Tivalake Toller puppies, 5 weeks old