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Proud Frankie

8 Mar

Frankie, Miniature Poodle with his rosette at Eukanuba stakes at Crufts 2018

Athletic and funky

13 Jun

Poodle, representing Germany at the World Agility Open 2017

Chilli and her toy

26 Apr

Chilli, Toy Poodle

Little Mr Big

16 Apr

Mr Big, Toy Poodle, at Olympia 2016


19 Mar

Chilli, Toy Poodle

Brain and beauty

17 Aug

Standard Poodle at the KC International Agility Festival 2016

Straight like an arrow

13 Aug


Poodle competing at the International Agility Festival 2016

Black dog in the dark tunnel

30 May

Poodle competing at WAO 2016

Pretty and fast

3 Apr


Toy Poodle at agility at Crufts 2016

Little dog in the weaves

24 Nov

Toy Poodle doing weaves at Discover Dogs 2015