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Festive Bertie

28 Dec

Bertie, Miniature Schnauzer, 7 years old

Festive Schnauzer

8 Dec

Rayna, Miniature Schnauzer, 4 months old

Pretty Rayna

31 Oct

Rayna, Miniature Schnauzer, 4 months old

Jolly Schnauzer

31 Jul

Milo, Miniature Schnauzer, 5 months old

Happy Bertie

27 Aug

Bertie, Miniature Schnauzer, 4 years old

Little Schnauzer at agility

3 Apr

Little Schnauzer at agility by Yulia Titovets

Little Schnauzer competing in agility at Crufts 2015

Dogs on the posts

16 Jun

Dogs on the posts by Yulia Titovets

Chelsea, Brittany, Dingo, Toller, and Ted, Schnauzer

Pub visitor

25 Feb

Pub visitor by Yulia Titovets

Bertie, Schnauzer, 3 years old

Nero on the tree

25 May

Nero on the tree by Yulia Titovets

Nero, Miniature Schnauzer

Dogs on a log

17 May

Dogs on a log by Yulia Titovets

Luna, Dachshund; Dingo, Toller; Pepper and Jack, Border Collies; Chelsea, Brittnay; and Nero, Schnauzer, on the walk in Richmond Park