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Watching big dogs play agility

17 Aug

Spectator Spaniel puppy at KC International Agility Festival 2019

Water retrieve in progress

14 Mar

Magic, Spaniel, doing Dash’n’Splash at Paws in the Park 2018

Flying down the dog-walk

2 Sep

Spaniel at the KC International Agility Festival 2018

Spaniel on the see-saw

9 Apr

Spaniel doing agility at Crufts 2018

Spaniel in the weaves

26 Mar

Agility Medium Teams competition at Crufts 2018

Crazy Spaniel expression

2 Feb

Teasel, Spaniel, at Olympia 2017

Jumping over the wall

19 Jan

Spaniel doing agility at Olympia 2017

Tight wing wrap

27 Oct

ABC medium agility competition at Discover Dogs 2017

Singing practice

15 Sep

Vocal Spaniel running agility course at the International Agility Festival 2017

Agility Spaniel

5 Jul


Spaniel competing in agility at Crufts 2017