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When Tring met Ralf

6 Aug

Tring, Toller, 13 months old, with Ralf, Weimaraner, 9 weeks old

Handsome Ralf

21 Jul

Ralf, Weimaraner, 2,5 months old

Blue eyes

7 Jul

Ralf, Weimaraner, 2 months old

Silver beauty

3 Jul

Ralf, Weimaraner, 2 months old

Super happy agility dog

26 Sep

Weimaraner at the International Agility Festival 2016

Grey beauty at agility

21 Apr

Weimaraner doing agility at Broadlands 2016

Weimaraner on a mission

2 Feb

Terry, Weimaraner, 12 months old

Gorgeous Weimaraner puppy

3 Oct

Arnica, Weimaraner puppy, 6 months old

The grey giant

5 Dec

The grey giant by Yulia Titovets

Cassie, Weimaraner

Huge difference in size

18 May

Huge difference in size by Yulia Titovets

Chloe, the little Chihuahua, next to Weimaraner’s paw