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Good catch

10 Oct

Whippet at Flying Dogs 2016

Ted posing

23 Jun

Ted, Whippet, posing on the flower petals

Curious dogs

19 Jun

Ted and Doug, Whippets


12 Jun

Ted, Whippet, very interested in the camera

Speedy Whippet at Crufts

16 Mar


Whippet competing in flyball at Crufts 2016

Portrait of Marcus the Whippet

30 Nov

Marcus, Whippet

Heads or tails

24 Jun

Whippet and Springer Spaniel playing in the water


11 Aug

Frisbee-whippet by Yulia Titovets

Roy, Whippet, at the Russian Dog-frisbee championship

Fun run

28 Aug

Fun run by Yulia Titovets

Dolores, 18 months old, Whippet, and Jack having fun in Hampstead